Gulf Coast LabNet, Inc.
Comprehensive lab support for the environmental industry.

Helping to get your job off the ground. 


Gulf Coast LabNet is not a laboratory in the traditional sense.  We operate as an independent administrator, networking with select laboratories in a cooperative arrangement.  By doing this, LabNet is able to access the collective capabilities of some of the nation's finest testing facilities, all under one roof.  This unique approach allows us to offer a broad array of testing services for any project you might have.  Additionally, our staff members are not burdened with the day to day operations that take place within the typical laboratory.  This freedom allows our project managers to focus 100% of their time on the needs of you, the client.

e routinely provide methodology recommendations, logistics services, project scheduling, and custom sample-kit prep (with delivery and pickup service to your office or job site).  These services are followed up by a complete, comprehensive review of the reported data for your project.  

ur goal is to provide LabNet customers with a single point of contact they can rely on for support before, during and after a project.  In short, you get the information and lab service you need, when you need it.  




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